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Arts and Crafts Bible Camp (July 24-28)

July 24-28 from 9 am -11:30 am

Crown of Life Lutheran Church invites you to join us to Build on the Rock and learn God’s Word! All the tools will be provided at our Build on the Rock Arts and Crafts Bible Camp as we learn to build our lives on the solid foundation of Jesus, our Savior. 

This 5-morning camp is designed to be fun and enriching. Put on your hard hat and tool belt and join us on a Christ-centered building adventure. Build on the Rock will encourage students to build strong lives on the rock-solid foundation of Jesus. Bible lessons, dance time, art time with a professional artisit, theme-related crafts, snacks and a bounce house are all part of this fun program.
July 24-28th 9-11:30 am

Everyone is invited to the closing service on Friday morning at 11:15.
This Arts and Crafts program is free and open to all 3*-12 year old children. Come join our building crew!

*Must be toilet-trained. 

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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